The Story of the Justice Doll...

It all began in 2007, when I watched a video called 'To You With Love.' This was a story of three women, bravely exposing their HIV+ status and the effects it had on them as individuals, on their families and communities.

The youngest woman, Nomonde, a twenty-six year-old, griped my heart. She spoke of her life of poverty, shame, hopelessness and wanting to literally die. I was moved with compassion knowing the facts about living well with HIV. I saw strength, courage, and above all a life God valued. I also, just "happened" to be headed to South Africa to minister in the exact township Nomonde lived in, Masiphumelele. Of course, I knew this was no coincidence, this was my personal mandate from the Lord was to find Nomonde.

My journey began as I made contact with Media Village, who helped me locate Nomande, living in a dilapidated shack. Although, there was great joy in finding her, my joy soon turned into sorrow. Within two weeks, Nomande was forced out of her shack, unable to pay the rent. She was truly without shelter, food, family, and was very sick, not having the ARV medication necessary for living with HIV. Nomonde was hopelessness and without a friend to turn to.

We began to pray for God to open doors. Quickly, Nomande found temporary housing, which lead us to a small 10x10 area where she could put a shack. In two weeks we raised the money to build her a shack. Her daughter, seven, was reunited with her and all the glory was given to the Lord, Jesus Christ. This was the beginning of a friendship that would continue. God had greater plans than we knew or understood.

Nomonde began to sew and earn a little extra money, but not enough to meet her basic needs. Yet, she had a strong will and believed God would provide for her. During this time Justice ACTs was just in its beginnings. During prayer, I received a vision of a beaded doll representing and bringing awareness to Human Trafficking. Although the doll seemed a simple project, it became increasingly hard. Trying to find materials, quality workmanship, and trust worthy workers in South Africa seemed impossible.

Then, the Lord gave me a strategy. The Justice doll would become a job creation program for woman with HIV+ in the township. Nomonde would become the master craftsman for the Justice doll. It was God. It was perfect. She had a love for design and fabrics, was trust worthy, and wanted to provide the basic needs of her family.

Nomonde has been making the Justice doll for one year, and even has brought on two other women to work with her. The Justice Doll is a simple, but powerful tool that reflects the heart of God for Human Trafficking and gives hope to the hopeless living with HIV. Thousands of dolls have been sold across the globe. A simple prayer time and simple project in the hands of God can became more than I could have asked or imagined.

The tag on The Justice Doll reminds us Human Trafficking is modern day slavery. It's not just statistics but someone's wife, daughter, sister or mother. Together we can set Justice Free.

Joylynn Landshut